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Shots Fired Near Police Headquarters in Balkh

Shots Fired Near Police Headquarters in Balkh

MAZAR-E-SHARIF – Several shots have been fired near provincial police headquarters in northern Balkh province on Thursday, after the government appointed a new police chief.
It came after Jamiat-i-Islami’s Executive Chief, Ata Mohammad Noor, protested the appointment, saying it was against political deal made last year.
Noor, a former Balkh governor, had earlier asked residents in the provincial capital Mazar-i-Sharif city not to come out of their houses and go to work today. He had also called for closure of shops.
The newly appointed police chief of Balkh is Abdul Raqib Mubariz, who is set to replace Ikram Sami.
Noor said that the decision was against the political deal, made in the presence of US and other stakeholders.
“Today all shops remain closed and markets will not open. The Presidential Place has taken new plots to disturb the peace and security of the people. The Arg violates the recent agreement reached between them and Balkh, and has an outrageous plan against our people,” he posted in his Facebook account.
“We will not accept the change, even if it leads to crisis or war. We will stand against it at any cost,” Noor warned.
Meanwhile, Gen. Khoshal Sadat, deputy minister of interior, tweeted: “Considering the worsening security situation in Balkh province, President Ashraf Ghani appointed Abdul Raqib Mubarez as new police chief for Balkh.”
He wrote the former police head Akram Sami was not willing to leave his post or accept the new appointment.
Gen. Sadat added Mubariz would be accompanied by members of the Special Forces Unit. The situation was currently under control and there was nothing to worry about.
He informed additional forces would soon reach Balkh and the decree of President Ghani would be implemented without any delay.
Police spokesperson, Adel Shah Adel, confirmed the new police chief had flown into Mazar-i-Sharif, accompanied by Special Forces and former commander Akram Sami.
A statement from Shaheen Military Corps, meanwhile, said they had been striving hard day and night to maintain security across the province.
(Sahar News)

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