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No-Deal Brexit will be Stopped: Hammond


LONDON – The Parliament will block a Brexit without an agreement, if the non-elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to pull Britain out of the European Union on October 31 without agreement, Euro-reporter quoted former British Finance Minister Philip Hammond on Wednesday on Thursday. The UK is heading for a …

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UK’s Business Lobby Warns EU Unprepared for No-Deal Brexit


LONDON – Britain’s largest business group is warning that neither the U.K. nor the European Union (EU) is prepared for the country to leave the 28-nation bloc without a deal, AP reported Monday. The Confederation of British Industry released a report outlining 200 recommendations for both sides to accelerate Brexit …

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May Blasts on Donald Trump After ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Tweet


LONDON – A spokesman for the British prime minister said the posts were “completely unacceptable”, putting pressure on Conservative leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to do the same, Reuters reported Monday. The US president triggered an angry reaction after targeting black and minority women in Congress. In a …

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Boris Johnson Says He is Serious About Brexit “Disagree”

Boris Johnson

LONDON – Boris Johnson, the British prime minister’s favorite, will seek a new deal with the EU over Brexit, but if the bloc refuses its demands, it will lead the world’s fifth largest economy without an agreement in October 31, Reuters reported Tuesday. The Brexit crisis, which has lasted three …

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Trump Visits London, amid Tight UK Leadership Race


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump landed in the UK on Monday for a three-day state visit at a sensitive time for the country’s ruling Conservative Party. Rival candidates are jostling to replace outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, and the president has already weighed in with his own opinions on …

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