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Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Strike Saudi Airport


RIYADH – Yemen’s Houthi rebels carried out a drone attack on Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia, the group’s Al-Masirah TV said Monday. The Saudi Press Agency later cited Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen, as saying that Saudi air defense forces …

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IMF Assesses Pakistan’s Financing Need at $25.5b


ISLAMABAD – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has assessed Pakistan’s gross financing requirement at $25.5 billion in this fiscal year on the back of mounting debt repayment whereas the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has indicated that it will provide $10 billion over a period of five years, Express Tribune reported …

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Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Airport in Abha and Injure Civilians

Houthi Rebels

RIYADH – An attack led by Houthi injured nine civilians on Tuesday in the attack on a civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia, a Riyadh-led coalition announced, Al Jazeera News Agencies reported Tuesday. The terrorist attack on Abha airport … wounded nine civilians, including eight Saudi citizens and one with …

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Iran Shoots Down US Drone Amid Tensions


TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on Thursday shot down an American drone as tensions between Tehran and Washington escalated following the failure of its nuclear deal with world powers, AP quoted US and Iranian officials on Thursday. The Guard said it shot down the drone over Iranian airspace, while …

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IS Still ‘Worrisome’ In Afghanistan: Gen. McKenzie


KABUL – US Marine General Frank McKenzie said Wednesday that the Islamic State (IS) extremist group remains a “very worrisome” presence in Afghanistan, but it is unlikely to mount an attack on the US because it is under strong military pressure, RFE/RL reported Thursday. Gen. McKenzie, whose Central Command has …

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Trump will Miss Congress for $7 Billion in Arms Sales in KSA


WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump eludes Congress to approve the sale of arms for US $7 billion to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), citing Iran’s growing threat to the region, ITV announced on Saturday. The Trump administration invoked a provision that is rarely used in US federal law to …

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Pakistan Carefully Monitoring Iran-US Tensions


ISLAMABAD – Pakistani Foreign Minister said Tuesday that the government is fully aware of regional developments and carefully monitoring growing Iran-US tensions, IRNA reported Tuesday. Giving briefing to National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan desires peaceful border with Iran. The minster went on …

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Two Saudi Oilers Among “Sabotaged” Vessels Off the UAE


RIYADH – Saudi Arabia said two of its tankers were sabotaged off the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during attacks that caused “significant damage” to ships, AlJazeera reported Monday. One of the ships was en route to recover Saudi oil destined for the United States, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said …

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Russian-Syrian Offensive in Northwest Syria Escalates


WASHINGTON – Syria and its ally, Russia, continued their offensive in Idlib Province and northern Hama Province on Thursday, in advance of talks on Syria to be held Friday in Geneva. Their assault targets areas of north-western Syria that had been declared a de-escalation zone in an agreement reached last …

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IAEA Calls on Saudis for Guarantees on First Nuclear Reactor

Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON – The chief US nuclear inspector said on Friday that his agency is asking Saudi Arabia to accept assurances on nuclear materials likely to arrive by the end of the year for its first nuclear reactor. Satellite images recently emerged from a project built by Argentina in the suburbs …

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