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Taliban Attacks Intensify in Badghis Province

Taliban Attacks Intensify in Badghis Province

QALA-E-NAW – Hundreds of Taliban fighters stormed Bala Murghab, a district in western Badghis province, with both Afghan government forces and the insurgent group suffering dozens of casualties, provincial officials said.
The district of Bala Murghab has been a recurring hotspot of fighting in the past two months, and officials had previously warned that it could fall to the Taliban without reinforcements.
The Taliban killed 36 members of the government forces and captured several security checkpoints in attacks that began on Wednesday night, Waris Sherzad, district governor of Bala Murghab, said late on Thursday. Fighting was ongoing, he said.
According to a statement by Jamshed Shahabi, spokesperson for Badghis’ provincial governor, more than 30 Taliban were also killed in this operation.
Taliban spokesperson, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, said they attacked from four directions, capturing five check posts.
Ministry of Defence (MoD), in a series of tweets, said its forces chose to “tactically retreat” from the checkpoints to prevent civilian casualties. According to statements by MoD, Afghan forces called in multiple air raids on Taliban hideouts.
The war in Badghis has been particularly intense along with northern Kunduz province and Helmand province in the south in recent weeks. Both sides took heavy casualties in Badghis last month, and at one point, 50 members of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) surrendered to Taliban.
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