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Taliban should not repeat the mistake of Mujahideen

Taliban Must Not Repeat the Mistakes of Mujahideen: MPs

KABUL – The Taliban insurgent group is making the same mistake as Mujahideen did during the Soviet-Afghan War, a number of Afghan lawmakers said on Wednesday.

“Mujahideen made the biggest mistake by refusing to negotiate with Dr. Najibullah. I’m calling on the Taliban that based on our religion, peace is in our favor,” said Abdul Wadod Paiman, an MP from Kunduz province.

The lawmaker added that foreign countries will not support the Taliban if the US pulls out of Afghanistan.

“Some countries are using the Taliban as their toy. I’m calling on the Taliban to start direct talks with the Afghan government. It is a shame when foreigners are coming to mediate between Afghans,” said Obaidullah Barakzai, an MP from Urozgan province.

“Taliban must not repeat the mistakes of Mujahideen that led the country into chaos. This is an intra-Afghan issue,” said Amir Khan Yar, Second Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.

In 1989, after the complete withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, the Afghan Mujahideen refused to hold peace talks with the government and as a result, the country went into a huge crisis that still suffers.

Now, the Taliban are also refusing to sit with the Afghan government in order to find a solution to the nearly 40-years of violence in war-torn Afghanistan.

(Sahar News)

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