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Taliban resume talks with US in Qatar

Taliban Resume Negotiations with US Envoy in Qatar

DOHA – The Taliban and the United States resumed talks in Doha, Qatar with an aim to end the stalemate over the participation of Afghan government in the negotiations for a political settlement of the conflict.
According to a statement by the Taliban, the group’s representatives met with the US officials in Qatar as efforts are underway by the US and Afghanistan to end the nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan.
“Today, the US representatives held a meeting with representatives of Islamic Emirate in Doha, the capital of Qatar,” the statement said.
The statement added that the US assured Taliban that the issue of “Afghanistan invasion” will be solved and that nobody will be harmed from Afghanistan.
According to the statement, the meeting is expected to continue on Tuesday as well.
The two sides — US and Taliban — had last met in December 2018 in Abu Dhabi in a meeting facilitated by Pakistan and observed by Saudi Arabia and UAE. It had been agreed at the meeting that the engagement process would be continued. But, arranging the next round of talks became difficult due to the Taliban’s inflexibility over negotiating with the Afghan government.
The Taliban have, meanwhile, been insisting that US should instead withdraw its forces and release Taliban prisoners.
There was no word from the US side on the Taliban claim after the latest meeting in Doha that US had agreed to discuss withdrawal plans.
Recently, the Afghan Taliban while rejecting media reports of possible talks with the US in Islamabad had reiterated that they will not deal directly with the Afghan Government.
(Sahar News)

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