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The UK asks Ireland to Compromise for Brexit Plan B

LONDON – British prime minister Theresa May demanded more flexibility from the Irish government over safeguards designed to keep the border between the two states open to facilitate the UK’s exit from the EU in March, The National reported Tuesday.
After suffering a crushing 432-202 vote defeat in Parliament last week on her proposed withdrawal agreement, Mrs May was required to report back on her efforts to seal a plan B.
Speaking to the House of Commons, May condemned a car bomb attack in Derry on Saturday night, an event that provided a reminder of the darkest days of the three decades of troubles.
She distanced herself from headlines suggesting a renegotiation of the 1998 treaty, known both as the Belfast Agreement and the Good Friday Agreement, but said further work was needed on the backstop on the Irish border contained in the withdrawal agreement.
“All of us agree that as we leave the European Union, we must fully respect the Belfast Agreement and not allow the creation of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland – nor indeed a border down the Irish Sea,” she said.
Despite assurances, Dublin remained nervous over Mrs May’s hopes to secure concessions on the border issue.
Simon Coveney, the deputy Irish prime minister, welcomed the confirmation that London would not seek to reopen the deal.
He further said, “The Good Friday Agreement is a hugely important foundation for the peace process and I don’t think we should be talking about changing the Good Friday Agreement in an attempt to solve a political problem.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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