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Trump 25th Amendment: Graham Commits to Investigating “Bureaucratic Coup” Against President

WASHINGTON – A key ally of us President Donald Trump has decried the so-called efforts of senior officials to make the president a “bureaucratic coup” and pledged to hold a congressional inquiry, the Independent reported on Monday.
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said it was “astounding” that former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe admitted in a TV interview that he had discussed the 25th Amendment invocation – which allows the government to dismiss a president – with the assistant lawyer, General Rod Rosenstein.
I know Rosenstein has vehemently denied it, but we will get to the bottom of it.
Mr. Graham is the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
McCabe said last week that Trump’s dismissal of FBI director James Comey had so confounded the Justice Department officials that they openly talked about the possibility of removing him under the 25th Amendment.
The 50-year-old, who was himself fired by the Trump government last year, just days before his planned retirement, after accusing an internal investigation into leaks of journalists, also ordered the investigation to determine whether the president had obstructed justice by dismissing Mr. Comey.
Mr. Rosenstein denied allegations that he had discussed Mr. Trump’s removal and related allegations that he had proposed carrying a wire to secretly record Oval Office conversations.
But on Sunday, it appeared that at least two senior FBI lawyers had privately testified before Congressional committees about the 25th Amendment episode, corroborating McCabe’s story.
Graham, who has already criticized Trump and is now one of the president’s most vocal supporters, told CBS News that any effort to use the constitutional machinery of the 25th amendment would amount to an “administrative blow”.
“I will do everything in my power to shed light on the behavior of the FBI of the Department of Justice with respect to President Trump and his campaign.”
“If that happens, we have to clean it up. The FBI has slipped in the past. No organization can withstand scrutiny.”
When asked if he would even issue a summons to compel MM. McCabe and Rosenstein to testify before Congress, Mr. Graham said, How can I not, if that’s necessary.
“We’re going to find out what happened here and the only way to find out is to call people under oath and discover through questions, who is telling the truth because the accusation jacente exceeds the stunning.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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