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Trump Denies Knowing Everything About Wikileaks

WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump tried to distance himself from WikiLeaks following the arrest of its founder, Julian Assange, in London on Thursday, saying the site was “not my thing”, although it was not mentioned less than 141 times during the election campaign, the Independent reported Friday.
According to reports, his government reportedly tried to pressure the Department of Homeland Security to throw the Central American immigrants into liberal “sanctuary cities” as revenge for the Democrats’ refusal to support the border wall. US-Mexican.
Elsewhere, the President approved Attorney General William Barr’s suggestion that he could have been spied while he was pleading for an investigation into the origins (or “oranges”) of Russian collusion allegations.
Moreover the president said, it was illegal espionage, unprecedented espionage, and something that should never happen again in our country.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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