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Trump Leaves Talks After Democratic President’s Ruling

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump slammed the table and abruptly withdrew from talks to solve the current partial blockage of the US government, the Democrats said he met Wednesday.
Anadolu Agency news reported that President Chuck Schumer, Leader of the Senate Minority said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected Trump’s call to accept the $5.7 billion he was looking for a wall along the US-Mexico border.
Schumer told the press after meeting Trump, he did not manage to get by and he just got out of the meeting.
He said, If I open the government, you will not do what I want, Schumer added, It’s cruel, it’s hard, and it uses millions of innocent people as a kind of pawn and it was wrong.
Shortly after meeting with Schumer and Pelosi, Trump went on Twitter to attack Democratic leaders.
“I asked what would happen in 30 days if I opened things quickly, are you going to approve border security that includes a wall or a steel barrier? Nancy said NO, I said goodbye, nothing else works!
The closure now, in its third week has the effect of forcing about 800,000 federal public servants to work either without pay if their roles are deemed “essential” or to stay at home after work.
Many federal departments and agencies that rely on these employees have either completely shut down or selectively cut their services despite the lack of funding.
Earlier on Wednesday, Trump went to Capitol Hill to rally Republicans around his call for federal funding of the Wall, saying after the meeting, the party was “totally unified” as the effects of the closure s ‘intensify.
The shutdown is already the second longest in US history and may soon eclipse the current 21-day record.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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