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Trump Says ‘Looking Forward’ to Meet Pakistani PM ‘Very Soon’

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he wanted “good relations” with Pakistan and was looking forward to meeting new leadership in the country, Pakistan Today reported Thursday.
At the same meeting, Donald Trump told cabinet members that he had ended $1.3 billion in aid to Pakistan because “this South Asian country is home to enemies.”
The US president said his administration has begun peace talks with the Taliban. He also announced that a meeting with the new leadership of Pakistan would be held “very soon”.
Earlier, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who is considered close to President Trump, told CNN in an interview that if Pakistan helped the United States bring the Taliban to the negotiating table, would focus on the fight against terrorism and the Islamic group.
The Republican senator wants the United States to offer Pakistan a free trade agreement to urge Islamabad to push the Taliban to the table of peace in order to end the war in Afghanistan.
The President of the United States said Pakistan was not fair to the United States.
“So I look forward to meeting the new leaders in Pakistan. We will do it in the not too distant future. But I finished paying $1.3 billion. I think it was water, we just paid in Pakistan. So I finished that.”
Previously, Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan said that the meeting with US President Trump would be a “bitter pill” to swallow if he became the prime minister of Pakistan in elections later that year, but added: “I would meet him.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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