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Trump Threatens to Continue with the US Govt. Shutdown for Years

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump “threatened” Friday to maintain the two-week-old partial closure of the government for years if Congress refused to support funding for a wall along the Mexican border.

After a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House, which ended in a stalemate, Trump said he could call a national emergency to build a border wall that is critical to preventing illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Trump told reporters at the White House Rose Garden that the Democratic leaders had informed the media of the president’s “threat” when meeting with him to continue the partial closure of the government for years.

We told the president that the government should be open. He resisted. In fact, he said he would keep the government closed for a very long time, even months, if not years, Senate chief Chuck Schumer told reporters following his meeting with Trump at the White House, after the partial closure of the government.

“The discussion at the time – we have discussed a lot of questions – was somewhat contentious, and we will continue the discussion, of course, but it is very difficult to see how progress will be made unless we open the government,” said Schumer.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who attended the meeting with other congressional leaders, stressed the need to open the government.

“We, the Democrats, recognize that we can not really solve this problem until we have opened the government and we have made it clear to the president.”

“Paychecks are withheld – excluded from people who meet the needs of the American people and the security of our borders will suffer if we do not solve this problem,” said Pelosi.

Responding to questions from reporters later, Trump acknowledged that he “threatened” to continue to end the government’s closure, but, he added, this is not likely to happen.

“I do not think that will be the case, but I’m ready and I think I can speak on behalf of Republicans in the House and Republicans in the Senate. They are very keen to have a safe country, a sensible border.”

“Without borders, I have said time and time again, we have no country. I hope it will not last more than a few days. It could really open very quickly,” he said.

Trump said he also had the opportunity to build the border wall with its constitutional provisions in case of national emergency.

(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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