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Turkey Urges US To Honor Their Partnership After Trump Tweet

ANKARA – Spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that Turkey hoped the United States would honor its strategic partnership after US President Donald Trump tweeted “that Turkey would be economically devastated if it hit the Kurds”, AA reported Monday.
“Mr. @realDonaldTrump It is a fatal mistake to equate the Syrian Kurds with the PKK, which is on the list of US terrorists, and its Syrian branch PYD / YPG,” spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Twitter.
US President Donald Trump warned Sunday that if Turkey attacked Kurdish forces in Syria, the US would “devastate Turkey economically”.
Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria left Kurdish allies in the United States vulnerable to an attack by Turkey. Ankara considers Kurdish forces as terrorists aligned with insurgents in Turkey.
The US withdrawal began with the shipment of military equipment, US defense officials said, but in the coming weeks, the contingent of about 2,000 soldiers should leave even as the White House announced it would maintain pressure on the Daesh/ISIS network.
“To start the long-awaited withdrawal from Syria by striking hard the small territorial caliphate of Daesh, and in many directions,” tweeted Trump. “We will attack again from the existing base if ISIS reformed, and we will devastate Turkey economically if it strike the Kurds.”
Trump’s decision to leave Syria (which he said initially would be quick but then slowed down) shocked US allies and angered the Kurds in Syria. It also prompted the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and prompted criticism in Congress.
Senator Jack Reed, Rhode Island Democrat, called the decision “a betrayal of our Kurdish partners”.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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