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US Offers $25 Million Reward for the Capture of Al-Baghdadi

BEDOUIN – US warplanes have dropped leaflets over Iraq offering a reward of $25 million in return for information that would lead to the capture or killing of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The planes dropped the leaflets Wednesday morning over Upper Euphrates towns, bedouin encampments, and villages adjacent to the borders with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, according to Anbar Province police sources, Zamanalwsl reported Thursday.
The leaflets carried pictures of Baghdadi and a promise of a reward of $25 million in return for information about his location.
“Tens of thousands of leaflets bearing the image and name of Baghdadi, and non-Iraqi mobile phone numbers belonging to the international anti-IS coalition, were scattered at dawn over the Anbar desert fanning out to Iraq’s borders with neighboring countries,” a colonel in the Iraqi police in the province told The New Arab Arabic service’s correspondent.
The ‘wanted posters’ claimed Baghdadi was hiding in safety, suggesting the coalition is aware he remains alive.
Dozens of locals in the towns of Hit and al-Rutba in western Anbar were seen gathering the leaflets from their roofs and redistributing them.
“This is where Baghdadi and his gang killed dozens of youths accused of apostasy,” said Ayham Abdullah, a local resident of Hit.
“We hope he and his men will be executed for their crimes”.
Baghdadi has been in the past rumored dead following American and Russian airstrikes, but US and Iraqi forces continue to hunt him down in the porous desert regions straddling Iraq’s western and southern borders, where he is believed to be still hiding.
US Special Forces have been enlisted in the search for the chief of the Islamic State militant group in Iraq, a senior Iraqi military official revealed to The New Arab back in January.
That was before IS’ last remaining enclave in Syria’s Baghouz fell to US-backed forces last month, bringing an end to his self-declared caliphate and sending IS holdouts into hiding.
Baghdadi and his fighters split with al-Qaeda and pursued an ultra-violent form of extremism that included bringing back slavery, engaging in genocide on Muslims and non-Muslim minorities, and applying an extreme version of Islamic capital punishments.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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