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US troops withdrawal from Afghansitan rebuked

US Senate Rebukes Trump Over Afghanistan, Syria Withdrawal

WASHINGTON – The US Senate has voted to advance an amendment seeking to rein in President Donald Trump’s announced withdrawal of American special forces from Syria and put parameters around plans to reduce the number of US forces in Afghanistan.
The 68-23 vote on Thursday came on a procedural matter clearing the way for an amendment on Syria and Afghanistan troop levels by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s top Republican.
McConnell is seeking to add the resolution to a pending measure on Middle East security policy that has broad bipartisan support.
Thursday’s vote serves notice to the White House that senior Republican leaders want a reversal of Trump’s withdrawal order of US special forces from Syria and a check on future plans to withdraw troops in Afghanistan.
Lindsey Graham had told Al Jazeera, “I think the president is slowing down in Syria and he is taking the opportunity to see if we can get a new structure or agreement in Afghanistan.”
The resolution calls on the Trump administration to “conduct a review of the military and diplomatic strategies in Syria and Afghanistan” and to “set conditions” for the long-term defeat of al-Qaeda and the Daesh group.
(Sahar News)

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