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US Senate Vote to Cancel Trump Wall Statement

WASHINGTON – The US Senate voted on Thursday to overturn President Trump’s common-sense emergency to free federal funds for the construction of a wall to hold the murderer in Mexico, the US Senate said Friday.
By 59 votes to 41, the Senate, with a majority Republican, approved a resolution disapproving Trump’s declaration of urgency when 12 senators of the GOP joined the Democrats, which amounts to an official reprimand of the president.
On Feb. 26, the Democrat-controlled House approved the disapproval resolution tabled by left-wing MP Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) in a vote of 245 to 182.
Trump promised to veto the resolution when it arrives on his desk and it seems unlikely that opponents will be able to assemble an absolute two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress necessary to void the veto.
After the Senate vote, Trump tweeted: “VETO!”, Followed by “I can not wait to vote on the Democrat-inspired resolution just passed, which would open borders while increasing crime, drugs and trafficking in our country. I thank all the strong Republicans who voted in favor of border security and our desperately needed WALL!”
On Feb. 15, President Donald Trump invoked the National Emergencies Act on Feb. 26, as Congress approved the $333-billion Omnibus Budget Bill, which funds the US government. until the end of the federal fiscal year, September 30. 55 miles of border barriers in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, well below Trump’s $5.7 billion and the $25 billion he initially deemed necessary. The declaration of urgency provides for funding of about $6.7 billion, which was previously allocated to other projects. In his new budget bill presented to Congress a few days ago, the president is asking for an additional $8.6 billion for the construction of the border wall.
Republicans who opposed the president generally presented an unconvincing excuse. They said it was unconstitutional for Trump to redirect existing Congressional funds to the wall because lawmakers refused most of the money from the wall, he said.
But this specious argument ignores the existence of the National Emergency Act, a law frequently invoked by presidents since its adoption. In federal law, the laws are presumed constitutional and nobody seems to have challenged this law before Trump became president. Contrary to the lame thinking of the defectors, Trump did not violate the will of Congress.
In fact, he acted in accordance with the express will of Congress, which, when Gerald Ford was in the White House, gave presidents the power to declare emergencies in certain parameters. If legislators are uncomfortable with the fact that the president has the power to move appropriate funds, they should repeal the law passed by Congress instead of hiding behind dishonest and dumb reasoning.
Senator Mike Lee (Utah) said he was voting for the resolution while he wanted the wall built. “To be clear, a border fence, a border fence is a policy that I wholeheartedly support, unequivocally.”
Declaring the national emergency to use funds already allocated “creates a dangerous precedent, a new precedent,” said Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) in the Senate.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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