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West Has Double Standards in Fight Against Daesh in Afghanistan, Lavrov

West Has Double Standards in Fight Against Daesh in Afghanistan: Lavrov

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that Moscow is worried about the double standards shown by the West towards Daesh’s presence in Afghanistan.
“Undoubtedly, fight against terrorism should be free of double standards… There is alarming information… that some Western colleagues have double standards in relation to this terrorist organization banned by the UN Security Council and try to use them to accomplish their unilateral geopolitical tasks in Afghanistan,” Lavrov told a press conference after talks with his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Sputnik reported.
The foreign minister also commented on US President Donald Trump’s call on Russia and other regional powers, including India, to step up the fight against Daesh in Afghanistan.
“Fight against terrorism and drug trafficking that funds it — all of this is in the focus of our position on Afghanistan. And the goal of all our efforts, which we have undertaken in both the Moscow format and Russia-US-China format — we would like to involve other countries in the work [in this format], including India, Pakistan, and Iran — all of these efforts are aimed at facilitating a political settlement that would be accepted by all ethnic, religious and political groups and that would be based on broad national consensus, while eliminating threat of terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan”, Lavrov added.
Conflict-stricken Afghanistan, in addition to Al-Qaeda, Daesh and other insurgents, has long suffered from conflicts between state soldiers and Taliban activists.
The latest explosion during the wedding in Kabul that killed more than 80 individuals and left another 180 wounded was also claimed by Daesh.
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