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Women will Walk in Hundreds of US Cities for the Third Year in A Row

WASHINGTON – Women will march in hundreds of US and foreign cities on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of protests that drew millions of protesters into the streets following the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump in January 2017, Reuters said Saturday.
Women’s March, a national non-profit organization that has evolved since Washington’s first march, is once again organizing its main event in Washington, with hundreds of “sister” marches in other cities.
March On, a separate grassroots coalition that has also grown from the initial march, has coordinated hundreds of marches in cities such as Boston, Houston, Baltimore and Denver.
Leaders of both groups said they would use this year’s parades to promote policies related to raising the minimum wage, access to reproductive health services and voting rights among other things.
They aim to mobilize women to vote before the 2020 elections, while Trump should be the Republican candidate for the presidency.
“The 2020 elections are clearly election-centric,” said Natalie Sanchez, organizer of the 2017 Boston Women’s Walk, also with March Forward Massachusetts, leading Saturday’s march.
Activists say the marches are an opportunity to celebrate the progress made in the 2018 elections, which saw more women elected to the US Congress than ever before.
The newly elected women – almost all Democrats – include the first Muslim woman and the first Native American woman in Congress, as well as the first black woman to represent their state in New England. Many cited Trump’s presidency as one of the reasons they decided to run for office.
As the political movement from hundreds of weakly affiliated markets in 2017 has developed, divisions have emerged.
In some cities, such as New York and Washington, there will be more than one protest or demonstration to criticize the fact that some Women March leaders are anti-Semitic – a charge these leaders have sought to dispel in their recent interviews and statements.
The marches have also been criticized for being unfavorable to conservative women, who could support Trump’s presidency and oppose the right to abortion. The March for Life of anti-abortion activists was in Washington on Friday, with Vice President Mike Pence in attendance.
The leaders of the March of Women and the March of the North say that each person has a role to play.
“We are all part of the same movement, regardless of the divisions and dramas that unfold,” said Sanchez.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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