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Zalmai Rassoul

Zalmai Rassoul to Contest in Presidential Elections for Second Time

KABUL – Former Afghan minister of foreign affairs, Zalmai Rassoul, on Tuesday registered for upcoming presidential elections for the second time.
He also ran for president in 2014 elections in which he was one of the leading candidates in the first round of the elections in April.
This time, Rassoul is accompanied by Abdul Jabbar Taqwa as first vice president and Ghulam Ali Wahdat as second vice president.
So far, five candidates including Rassoul have registered for 2019 presidential elections.
In an address to reporters after registering for presidential elections at the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Rassoul said he will fight against discrimination and inequalities and will work for peace and democracy in the country.
“I am committed to fighting against discrimination, prejudice and inequality and will continue to work for peace, security and democracy,” Rassoul told reporters.
Rassoul stressed the need for peace and stability in the country to move forward elections.
“The Constitution of Afghanistan is clear now. If amendments are brought in the Constitution that is also described in the Constitution,” Rassoul said as he responded to a question about his stance on a change in government’s system after the elections.
Rassoul served as minister of transport and civil Aviation in 2002, as chairman of National Security Council from 2002-2010, and as minister of foreign affairs from January 2010 to October 2013.
He resigned as foreign minister on 5 October 2013 to stand as a candidate in the 2014 presidential elections.
(Sahar News)

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